Real Estate

The Real Estate lawyers at Gunn & Associates in St. Thomas provide experienced, professional and friendly legal services at a price commensurate with the services offered.

We know the stress and confusion faced by consumers in contending with the sea of paperwork involved in buying, selling or refinancing a home, a farm or a commercial property. We assist our clients in not only closing these transactions, but in navigating the process leading up to the closing. Our Real Estate lawyers in St Thomas are available to address any questions or concerns clients have about their real estate transactions.

Our Real Estate Services include:

  • Preparing and/or reviewing Agreements of Purchase and Sale;
  • Title Transfers, including those arising from family law and estate matters;
  • Builder and Resale Purchase transactions;
  • Sale transactions; and
  • Refinancing Your Mortgage and/or Line of Credit.

Do I need to hire a Real Estate Lawyers?

Real estate lawyers can help you when buying or selling a property to familiarize yourself with potential legal issues. Here are the main benefits of hiring a real estate lawyer:

  • Addressing complex contracts: When you’re purchasing real estate from entities such as partnerships, trusts or corporations, the contracts and the negotiations can be complex. A real estate lawyer will have the necessary expertise in these types of transactions and ensure that the contract is legally valid.
  • Thorough title search: It is always advisable to conduct a title search after signing the purchase agreement.  The title search will tell you if the seller has the legal right of selling the property, which can help prevent any issue in the future.
  • Handling of the illegal additions and improvements: In certain cases, there are illegal additions or improvements on the property to be sold. Buyers or sellers could take advantage of you if you are not aware of the rules and regulations. A real estate lawyer will take care of such situations properly.

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