About Us


Following 17 years in partnership with several other lawyers, Douglas G. Gunn Q.C. launched Gunn & Associates on April 1, 1984. William K. A. McKay joined the firm exactly two months later, bringing with him many years of municipal law experience.

From the very beginning, Gunn & Associates wanted to offer clients a more personal relationship. The firm started small and stayed that way; quickly building a reputation for excellent service, legitimate care and great results. That reputation has kept us in business for 30 years and has made us a first choice for clients in the St. Thomas area.

Today, Gunn & Associates consists of 3 lawyers, plus our dedicated support staff. Over the years, we have helped thousands of clients resolve legal issues, launch exciting new chapters in their lives and deal with change. Moving forward, we remain committed to preserving the ideals and standards that have helped us become the success that we are.


Gunn & Associates has built its success and reputation on the following principles:

  • All lawyers and support staff shall treat every client as a lifetime client and shall communicate a professional image which embraces honesty and concern for the wants and needs of the client;
  • Everyone shall endeavour to perform all work on behalf of a client to the best of his or her ability so as to obtain the best result possible for the client in a timely way; and
  • In satisfying the wants and needs of the client, the firm shall not sacrifice the quality of work but, at the same time, shall endeavour to deliver the work in a cost-effective manner.