Recognizing Justice Marietta Lola Doreen Roberts


On October 17, 2019, members of the Elgin Law Association gathered to honour an esteemed colleague and much respected former member:  Justice Marietta Lola Doreen Roberts who was the Ad Volarum Recipient for 2019.

Marietta Lola Doreen Roberts taught high school at Alma College for two years.   After graduating Dalhousie University in 1970, she joined the law firm of Fanjoy, Hennessey, Kempster, Johnson and Gunn in St. Thomas and, at one point, served as the Acting Crown Attorney for Elgin County.  In 1987, Marietta won a provincial liberal seat in the riding of Elgin County.   In 1990, her political career came to a close at which time Marietta was appointed Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice in 1991.

In her role as a Judge, Justice Roberts has presided over thousands of Court cases and is well known for her integrity.   Justice Marietta Lola Doreen Roberts served as a Judge for 21 years.

Congratulations Justice Marietta Lola Doreen Roberts from all of us at Gunn & Associates.